PSYCHOTHERAPY and counseling for individuals  and Couples – Corvallis OR

Seth Bernstein, Ph.D.


PSYCHOTHERAPY and counseling for individuals  and Couples – Corvallis OR

Seth Bernstein, Ph.D.



Training For Psychotherapists

Strength-based treatment that motivates change and gets results

Designed to complement almost any theoretical framework, Solution-Focused Therapy (SFT) engages and activates clients to make change, whether they are new to therapy or find themselves “stuck” in the therapeutic process.

Packed with case examples, video and film demonstrations, group discussion and practice, this workshop is engaging, informative, and practical. You will leave the workshop ready to put your new SFT skills to use with your next client.

By attending this seminar you will learn practical, innovative ways to:

  • Quickly engage and activate clients in their treatment
  • Understand and overcome the barriers to doing strength-based psychotherapy
  • Use evidence-based SFT interventions to build hope and confidence
  • Design interventions and treatment plans based on your clients’ values
  • Retain clients who might otherwise drop out of therapy
  • Use between-session practice to get the most from your in-session work
  • Wind down treatment so that therapeutic gains “stick”
  • Experience greater confidence, creativity and satisfaction in your work

Training dates to be announced.

Training For Couples


Sometimes, a person struggles in relationships because they have a conversational style that others experience as off-putting. The training is called PAL:  Pause, Actively Listen, and Learn. The training is for people whose interpersonal difficulties stem, in part, from their inability to have a conversation with people that goes back and forth, with each person getting to speak an equal amount of time. In other words, they talk pretty much continuously and don’t give others a chance to speak. Their conversational partners end up feeling put out and angry.  (learn more)

COLLABORATIVE Problem Solving For Couples

I am now offering a training titled “Problem Solving For Couples.” This training draws on the work of many experts in the field, most notably the work of Stuart Ablon, Ph.D. and his colleagues at The University of Massachusetts Department of Psychiatry. They developed a methodology for resolving conflict with children called Collaborative Problem Solving. In 2011, Dr. Ablon and I co-authored an article titled CPS: An Effective Approach For Managing Conflict In The Workplace.  (learn more)