PSYCHOTHERAPY and counseling for individuals  and Couples – Corvallis OR

Seth Bernstein, Ph.D.



I provide hourly supervision to clinicians who are in the process of becoming Licensed Professional Counselors or Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists. I am qualified to provide supervision to masters' level clinicians (Associate Clinicians), pre-master's level interns, and other mental health professionals per State of Oregon standards. I have completed the Portland State University Graduate School of Education/Continuing Education, 30 clock hour course for LPC & LMFT supervision.

My approach to supervision depends on the context in which the supervision is occurring. Contextual factors include the the type of organization where services are being provided; the individual’s and the organization’s goals for supervision; the individual’s style of learning; and the individual’s level of development as a clinician. My approach is grounded in core values; it is informed by research; and it is limited by the range of my professional and personal experience. 

At age 64, I see supervision is a “giving back” of what I have learned from my clients as well as those who have taught and supervised me. It is also an act of “taking” as well since I learn from those I have supervised. Whereas structure is essential to my approach to supervision, improvisation is equally important. It is my intent is to model both, understanding that those I supervise learn as much from what I do as what I say.

Although we grow as human beings as we become better therapists, I do not conceptualize supervision as a growth process or as a change process, the two elements that are central to psychotherapy. My experience tells me to error on the side of seeing the supervision of therapists as being much closer to the process of supervising a teacher than it is to doing psychotherapy. It is more a mentoring process that helps someone develop a set of skills than a change process that helps some to overcome internal barriers or limitations. It is not psychotherapy.

My fee for clinical supervision is $125 per hour. This includes any/all time devoted to the process of clinical supervision, including filing out state-mandated forms, documentation of supervision, research, etc. Billable time does not include my time devoted to billing, contract negotiation and other business-related activities.