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Seth Bernstein, Ph.D.



COLLABORATIVE Problem Solving For Couples

​I am now offering a training titled “Problem Solving For Couples.” This training draws on the work of many experts in the field, most notably the work of Stuart Ablon, Ph.D. and his colleagues at The University of Massachusetts Department of Psychiatry. They developed a methodology for resolving conflict with children called Collaborative Problem Solving. In 2011, Dr. Ablon and I co-authored an article titled CPS: An Effective Approach For Managing Conflict In The Workplace.


Subsequently, I have customized this approach for use with a number of different audiences, most recently couples.

The topics we will cover during our first training session are:

  • What is conflict? 
  • How couples typically deal with conflict
  • Problem solving: the middle way
  • The five steps of problem solving
  • Practicing the five steps of problem solving
  • Anticipating the challenges of learning and implementing new skills in your relationship

This three hour meeting will be followed by two sessions which will be devoted to practice and revisiting the components of my approach that couples are having the most difficulty with.These two hour practice sessions will be held two weeks and four weeks after the initial training. All meetings will be held on Saturday mornings.

The cost for these three trainings is $250 per couple, paid in advance. Class size is limited to six couples. A date for the first course offering will be set after I have been contacted by six interested couples. The course is open to couples of any sexual orientation.

Note: there will be no psychotherapeutic services provided as part of this training. I am teaching a set of concepts and skills, not exploring the couples’ issues. Couples will chose the life situations/conflicts to use for practicing problem solving skills in class.  These could include situations/conflicts which they invent. It is important that couples feel comfortable in class.

I can be contacted at 541-740-5373