PSYCHOTHERAPY and counseling for individuals  and Couples – Corvallis OR

Seth Bernstein, Ph.D.


PSYCHOTHERAPY and counseling for individuals  and Couples – Corvallis OR

Seth Bernstein, Ph.D.


Emotion, Meaning, and Management 


I wish I had this book to read much earlier in my career. If it was available then, it would have prevented many heartaches. Instead, I learned as best I could on the job and read a number of academic books about leadership. However, Emotions, Meaning and Management is more approachable, useful, and practical for non-theoretical readers. The examples provided throughout the book were quite valuable.

Sunny Clark, Associate Dean, Student Services

City College of San Francisco

I really like this book.  Unlike most business books I have read, yours provides a practical framework for behavior in the workplace. It is great guide for managers, especially newer ones.  

It is interesting to think about the management relationships in different types of organizations.  The scenarios depicted in the book are quite helpful. 

Michael Jarrett, CEO, 

QuesGen Systems

Dr. Bernstein’s insight into the principles of management are compelling and relevant. His book addresses the personnel and management challenges that arise every single day, the ones that most managers fail miserably at. All managers need to read this! 

Josh Bishop, Director of Pharmacy Services

PacificSource Health Plans

Dr. Bernstein provides a practical playbook for people managers seeking a deeper understanding of what's going on in the office. It's a “must read” for managers looking to improve their approach and the performance of their teams. 

Evan Wolf, Sales Manager


I think this is useful and good information

Linda Modrell, Benton County Commissioner

This is the book I wished I had read before becoming an administrator. It would have given me crucial psychological insights about how to be an effective manager.  It would have saved much trial and error.   I enthusiastically recommend it.

    Andrew Lotterman, M.D.

    Associate Clinical Professor of Psychiatry

    Supervising and Training Psychoanalyst

    Columbia University