PSYCHOTHERAPY and counseling for individuals  and Couples – Corvallis OR

Seth Bernstein, Ph.D.


PSYCHOTHERAPY and counseling for individuals  and Couples – Corvallis OR

Seth Bernstein, Ph.D.


Over the course of my career I have written many articles, including An Agenda Couples Can Use For Weekly Relationship-Building MeetingsMeasuring Clinical Outcomes in Managed Mental Health, CPS: An Effective Approach For Managing Conflict In The Workplaceand Detecting And Responding Constructively To Transference In The Workplace. I am currently working on a book titled, Management, Meaning and Emotion.

My journey as a psychotherapist has taken me from psychodynamic therapy to cognitive treatments to time-limited treatment. There were many interesting stops along the way including Gestalt therapy, family systems therapy, and Jungian therapy - just to name a few. Today, my clinical work has come full circle. What stands out for me is:

  • The work of Carl Rogers, the first therapist to identify the central characteristics of all good clinical work

  • The value of building treatment around client strengths and past successes

  • While much of our behavior is unconsciously motivated, psychotherapy does not necessarily need to address unconscious processes unless they are central to the problems which clients wants to tackle 

  • ​Regular client feedback and discussion of progress being made is necessary to keep treatment on track and effective

  • Lengthy treatment is not necessarily better treatment. Clients don't want to, nor do they need to, become professional patients. 
  • Individuals and couples, even when they are hurting, are not necessarily ready to make changes when they first make an appointment with a therapist. Rushing into treatment often backfires. Patience is needed to meet clients where they are, moving forward only they are ready to. 

Technical Information:

My Oregon Clinical Psychologist license number is 1589. To check on the status of my license, go to: 

For information about how to file a complaint with the Board of Psychology Examiners, go to

My National Provider Identification number is 1659685220.

I earned my doctorate at the California School of Professional Psychology. After graduating in 1978 and receiving my license as a clinical psychologist, I worked as a graduate school counselor for several years and then started a private practice in San Francisco. Over the years I have had private practices in California and New Jersey. I have been active in managed care since 1988, working as a healthcare manager for The Travelers and Prudential Insurance companies. I also worked as a healthcare consultant for Ernst & Young. I moved to Corvallis in 2001 to serve as the Executive Director of the Accountable Behavioral Health Alliance. I am the founding and current Executive Director of the Institute for Behavioral Health Integration. I also currently work as a psychotherapist and consultant.