PSYCHOTHERAPY and counseling for individuals  and Couples – Corvallis OR

Seth Bernstein, Ph.D.


PSYCHOTHERAPY and counseling for individuals  and Couples – Corvallis OR

Seth Bernstein, Ph.D.



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A Case History Demonstrating the Complimentary Use of Psychodynamic and Behavioral Techniques in Psychotherapy

An Agenda Couples Can Use For Weekly Relationship-Building Meetings

CPS: An Effective Approach For Managing Conflict In The Workplace

Detecting And Responding Constructively To Transference In The Workplace

Without links:
A Time-Saving Technique For The Treatment of Simple Phobias.  American Journal of Psychotherapy. (1999)

Measuring Clinical Outcome In Managed Mental Health.  Managing Employee Benefits.  2(3), 51-55. (1994)


Emotion, Meaning, and Management

Emotions, Meaning, and Management examines the psychological challenges managers face every day. My book focuses on the interactions that wear managers down, leaving us wondering where we ever got the brilliant idea that directing the work of other people would be fun and personally rewarding. These are feelings managers rarely admit to, much less talk about. In Emotions, Meaning, and Management, the psychological issues and situations that lead to these feelings are explored. The book teaches managers the skills they will need to address these challenges and provides a realistic set of expectations that will help managers find fulfillment in their jobs.

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